• Blackout 1/2" Cellular Honeycomb Shades Soft White
  • Blackout 1/2" Cellular Honeycomb Shades Dark Chocolate
  • Blackout 1/2" Cellular Honeycomb Shades Steel
  • Blackout 1/2" Cellular Honeycomb Shades Alabaster
  • Blackout 1/2" Cellular Honeycomb Shades Whisper White

Blackout 1/2" Cellular Honeycomb Shades

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Blackout Cellular Shades with Corded, Cordless, TDBU and Motorized Options.

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For inside mounting, enter your window frame size. For outside mount, enter the shade size you want.

If you selected Inside Mount, please provide us with the exact dimensions of the window frame or opening. For Outside Mount, enter the exact width and height of cellular shade you want.

Light Filtering soft color spunlace fabrics. White on the back. On the street side of the shades the color is a neutral white for all colors.

  • Soft White

  • Whisper White

  • Alabaster

  • Steel

  • Dark Chocolate

The control which raises and lowers the cellular shade. Options Corded, Cordless, Continuous Cord Loop, Motorized, Corded or Cordless Top-Down Bottom-Up

Position of the cord for corded, continuous cord loop options. Usb charge position for motorized option.

By default color-coordinated headrail and bottomrail are matte-painted aluminum. Rails color options; White, cream, light brown, camel, brown, maroon, green, blue, heather, grey and black. Cordless lift handles, cords are also color coordinated.

A 2 on 1 headrail means you will have 2 separate blinds that operate independently under the same headrail.

For installing on to a door, you can add hold down brackets to your cart. They hold the bottom of the shade against the door.

Spacer blocks are installed between the mounting bracket and the mounting surface. They are designed to push the cellular shades away from the wall or door.

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